Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 5 & 6

Day 5:
I only had 30 minutes to work, so I dug up the remainder of the bricks that were to the left of the tree trunk and hauled out half of the brush to the trash that I trimmed on the first day.
Day 6:
I started off thinking that I would be able to finish the rest of the bricks today, but had a little surprise. I thought that the bricks ended where the dirt started at the back, but that was not the case. I ended up having to dig the bricks out from under a ton of dirt and roots. And this was one of my weights days at the gym, so my muscles were already pretty tired. Plus it is getting harder to get the bricks out because the heaviness of them weighs down the front wheel of the wheel barrow and gets it stuck in the sand. So it is going to take one more day.

There are bricks underneath all of this -
what I have left -
Tomorrow I am going to get the rest of the bricks out and start leveling the ground for the fence. Saturday Eric is going to go buy the materials!


Mary Kay said...

Though I know this has been back breaking work, aren't you so proud! I am very proud of you and for you and one day you can read your blog to your little ones and they will surely give their Mom a big hug for giving them such a fun play area!!!

kristin fulghum said...

you are joking around! i can't wait to see the final product.