Friday, April 10, 2009

My Best Friend's Having a Baby!

Lauren's baby shower was yesterday! It was lots of fun and she got a ton of great stuff. She is due in a month (I can't believe it!). I can't wait until Will gets here. It will be fun to see how Mason and Sawyer react to having him around. Here are a few pictures from the shower -

Hostesses -
The presents and the diaper bag that I got Lauren! I found it online and just loved it.

Today we went out to lunch with Lauren's parents cause they are still here from the shower and had to get a few pictures.

Lauren & the 3 kids
Brenda & Dave

Sawyer has been very unsure of Lauren's belly lately. She used to pick up her shirt to see her tummy, but now she just stares at it! It's so cute!I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! I can't wait to take the kids Easter egg hunting. I also have 2 shoots, and Aunt Gaffy is coming to visit, so it will be a fun packed weekend.

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