Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 10 & Our New Pool

This backyard project is taking forever! Especially since I have been so busy with work and have not been working outside at all. Today I took a break from the computer and worked on tilling and evening the dirt. The entire back strip with the trees in it was much higher than where the bricks were. So I had to dig out that entire strip and use that dirt to even it out. And then I used a 4 pronged hoe thing to break up all of the hard dirt. It was hard work! I did pump before I worked outside and by the time I was done my muscles were very shaky. The next thing we need to do is find someone with a truck and trailer so that we can buy the sod and get it to the house.

before-after -
The kids have been very fussy the past few days. I finally weaned them on Wednesday and there have been a lot of fits. It has not been fun. Also, Sawyer is cutting 5 teeth right now (2 molars and 3 front teeth) and Mason is getting his fourth molar. So that just adds to it! Sawyer has started biting Mason the past few days and I am hoping it is just cause she is teething. She tries to bite him anytime she gets mad at him!
Wednesday it was almost 100 here so I decided to go to Wal-Mart and buy one of those plastic pools for this summer (after realizing that our blow up pool from last summer was way too small). I knew it wouldn't fit in the car so I called my inlaws to see if they could bring the truck to take it to the house. Kim was out of town though so Chrys brought the van. We thought it would fit in there, but it was not even close! So as we were standing there trying to think of people we knew with a truck, a lady loading one in hers offered to drive it to the house for us! I couldn't belive how nice they were! Complete strangers! And even more random it turns out that she is pregnant with b/g twins.

They loved playing in the pool. Unfortunatly rain is in the forecast for the next 8 days though.


brenda said...

They'll have such a fun time in the big plastic pool this summer.
Your backyard is going to be so great once you get it all finished~ hang in there!

Mel said...

Ugh! I cannot believe you did all that work after Body Pump! I would have died.