Friday, November 28, 2008


It has been a long time since I have blogged! I have been kinda sick the past week and a half. I have had a sinus infection that will not go away. I have not been able to breathe or taste food! No fun at Thanksgiving! We have had a good Thanksgiving week/end though. We hung out at Kim and Chrys' house all day Thursday and ate some god food. We watched lots of football, and both Texas and the Cowboys won so it was a very good day! Then Friday Eric and I got to go on a date! We went to lunch and then to the movies to see Twilight! I was so excited about seeing it! And I hadn't been to the movies in over a year - since before I was on bedrest. It was so nice to get to go out just the two of us. And twilight was great!

The babies got an early Christmas present from Grammy and Grandad - a bouncing zebra!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

10 Months

They are so much fun right now. They play together so well, which is awesome! They are so smart and are constantly learning new things. They are also so close to walking. They are cruising on furniture and working on their balance. But this means that they are into EVERYTHING! They can reach more and they are constantly chewing on the furniture. They are down to 2 naps a day and are still eating everything I give them.

Here are some things that they are each doing:

*he still drools buckets
*he loves to bang toys on things and make lots of noise
*he falls asleep siting up in his crib all the time
*he sticks out his tongue a lot
*he is a super fast crawler and loves to try to walk
*he pokes things with one finger a lot
*he is still SO ticklish!

*she loves to push things when she crawls
*she has started making a come here motion with her hand
*she shakes her head all of the time
*she makes a wrinkled nose face all of the time
*she babbles constantly - and by babbles I mean talks VERY loudly
*she plays with her hair and mine - she does the cutest thing when I pick her up. she hugs me with one arm and immediately puts the other hand in my hair and plays with it.
*she is still so cuddly!

I just can't believe they will be a year old in 2 months.

Things are going well with us too. Eric started training a new Academy at work this past week. And I have been keeping very busy with lots of family shoots! It is Christmas time in the business and everyone is getting Christmas cards right now. I love taking pictures of kids and families. It is so much fun and so much easier than weddings! I do have a busy wedding season coming up though. Lots of weddings in December and January.

Here are some pictures of them playing together:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trying to Walk

They want to walk so bad. They both can balance for a bit on their own now. It is so much fun to watch! They us anything they can to stand up, including each other. I don't think I am ready for them to walk yet though. It is already pretty crazy to keep them out of everything. Once they start walking it will be even harder. Although it might make loading them in and out of the car on my own a little bit easier!

Earlier I was sitting on the floor and had a baby pulled up on each of my shoulders. They were hitting each each other with their free hand and cracking up. They laugh at each other constantly right now. They are always tickling each other and cracking up at each other! It is one of the cutest things.

We are loving the cooler weather! I love winter and am ready for the cold. I made taco soup for dinner tonight because of the cool front.
Mason using Sawyer to stand up -

Monday, November 3, 2008


I remember reading a similar post to this one on my friend Kara's blog a long time ago. I remember thinking "gross," but not I hope this doesn't happen to me one day. Well today is that day. I always put the baby who is not eating in the exersaucer while I nurse the other. So I finished with Sawyer and put her in her high chair for breakfast and then came back to get Mason. This is what I found. So sick.

Want a closer look??

The culprit:
It took me forever to get it out of between his toes! Ugh!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kingsville Trip

We have been in Kingsville for the last week. Eric had a week long conference in Corpus so we went with him and stayed with my parents in Kingsville. It was nice to have help! Eric and I even got to go out to eat on our own a couple of times. The babies did not like being cooped up in the car for 7 hours though and Mason threw some very loud fits. They enjoyed crawling all over my paretns house though. Their house is much bigger than ours and has lots of open room and low furniture. They pulled up on everything! Sawyer also really liked to crawl under things. They also go to take a bath in a big tub for ther first time. We don't have a tub in our house so we bathe them in the sink. They enjoyed getting to splash around, chase their boat and other bath toys and pull up on the side.

Pulling up on the coffee table -

Playing under the coffee table -

Eating at Youngs -

This is what happens when you try to take pictures of two tierd babies!