Thursday, June 25, 2009

Part of Being a Twin...

is that you always have a friend to play with.
is that you always have a friend to give you a hug.
is that you always have a friend to pick on you.
is that you always have a partner in crime.
I love that they have a playmate to grow up with and that they will always have each other as a best friend! They do fight a lot over toys and bite each other a lot right now, but they also play together really well. And they can make each other laugh harder than anyone else can. They are so cute together.

Here are a couple of cute videos from recently. Sawyer has started jibber jabbering. A LOT. She "reads" books all the time.

They have both started spinning around in circles. Not sure where this came from. But it is pretty funny. They usually end up running into something or eating it. Here is a short clip of Mason spinning.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We have been pretty busy lately, so this is kinda a long post.  I had photo sessions Friday and Saturday and Eric had to work Friday. Next weekend is my crazy weekend though. I have 2 weddings (one in Abilene and one in the metroplex) and a photo session. 

Unfortunately Eric had to work today.  So the kids and I went to church, had lunch at Papa and Mimi's and then Chrys and I went to see The Proposal. It was a great movie! We had an early dinner with family and have been relaxing since then. It has been a good weekend. 

Here is a picture of Eric and the kids today. He is such a great dad. They love their Daddy so much. For a while they were calling everyone Daddy and wouldn't say any other names. They get so excited when he comes home from work and they walk around the house looking for him when he is not here.

This is the collage I posted last Father's Day -

Before Phil and Rhonda left we went to the zoo with them, Garrett, Kendra and Kim. It was cloudy and cool, so unusual for here. But it was great because all of the animals were up and moving around since it wasn't hot. Mason loved getting carried around by Kendra!

The kids on Papa's motorcycle -

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tiling, Cousins and More

We have been so busy lately. And I haven't had internet since last Friday! We tiled our living room this weekend so the router was unplugged. So here is a overview of what has been going on.

We have had family in town and have been spending time with them. Rhonda is still in town from California and Jenn just went back to Galveston to start her residency. 

Here is picture of Mason with his cousins. (Mason, Kendra and Garrett) Garrett is Rhonda's son and Kendra was one of the flower girls in our wedding. Mason was completely smitten with Kendra. It was so cute.

Great Grandpa reading to Sawyer and Aunt Rhonda reading to Mason

Mason has started drinking his milk and spiting it back out all down his shirt. Gross.
And for the tiling project. We got new carpet put in the bedroom but decided we wanted tile in the living room instead. So our friend Caleb offered to help us (teach us) tile. He did most of the work, but we helped as much as we could and in the process learned how to tile so in the future we can hopefully do it on our own. He did an amazing job. He is such a good friend to help us with something that is so much work.

Caleb laying the first tile
Jenn and Eric laying the tile
What we lived with all weekend. The house was impossible to move in while we were doing this. All of the furniture was in kitchen and bedroom. We are working on moving everything back now.
Here is the tile! I love the finished product.
It will take a while to get everything fully painted, back together and hung on the walls. But in a few weeks when it is all back to normal I will post some pictures with the furniture!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Painting and Swimming

This past week/weekend has been very very busy. I had a wedding and a newborn session. And we started painting the new wall. So we have been staying with Kim and Chrys while we paint the inside. We finally finished the inside yesterday and I started the outside today. Jenn (aka Jaffy) is in town visiting before she starts residency and Eric's aunt from California is also in town. So we have been hanging out at his parents and swimming a lot. This weekend was the first time the kids have been in the big pool this year. Mason loves it. And he has no fear. He walks straight in and start giggling as soon as he hits the water. Sawyer likes it ok, but not near as much as Mason. They were swimming with their cousin Garrett the other day and every time Garrett went of the diving board Mason would say uh-oh as soon as his head went under. So cute!

After we finish painting we are having carpet put down in the bedroom and then a good friend of ours is going to help us tile the living room. I am pretty excited about leaning how to lay tile! I am ready for all of this to be done though and to have the house back to normal.

Mason & Sawyer with baby William -
Fighting over a new ball Eric bought Mason - 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Introducing Dr. Jennifer Vickers

This weekend we drove down to Galveston for Jenn's graduation from Medical School! We are so unbelievably proud of her and it was so much fun to see her graduate. It is crazy that she is Dr. Vickers now. The kids didn't think it was as exciting as we did though. Eric and I spent most of the 4 hours that we were there chasing them up and down the hall outside. Then we came back in for Jenn walking across the stage and they fell asleep on Kim and Eric's shoulders. Their schedules were so messed up all weekend and they are still fussy today from having to adjust!

While we were gone we had some work done on the house. Thanks to my backyard project we had to take out the sliding glass doors that lined that wall. There were 2 of them and the bottom was not sealed well. So when we watered the grass water leaked in and soaked our carpet pad. So we had a guy put in a wall and french doors while we were gone this weekend. Now I need to paint before they come in and put new carpet and tile down. The house is going to look so different!