Monday, June 8, 2009

Painting and Swimming

This past week/weekend has been very very busy. I had a wedding and a newborn session. And we started painting the new wall. So we have been staying with Kim and Chrys while we paint the inside. We finally finished the inside yesterday and I started the outside today. Jenn (aka Jaffy) is in town visiting before she starts residency and Eric's aunt from California is also in town. So we have been hanging out at his parents and swimming a lot. This weekend was the first time the kids have been in the big pool this year. Mason loves it. And he has no fear. He walks straight in and start giggling as soon as he hits the water. Sawyer likes it ok, but not near as much as Mason. They were swimming with their cousin Garrett the other day and every time Garrett went of the diving board Mason would say uh-oh as soon as his head went under. So cute!

After we finish painting we are having carpet put down in the bedroom and then a good friend of ours is going to help us tile the living room. I am pretty excited about leaning how to lay tile! I am ready for all of this to be done though and to have the house back to normal.

Mason & Sawyer with baby William -
Fighting over a new ball Eric bought Mason - 


Brianna Allen said...

Those are really cool pictures of the kids mid air! I like your swimsuit too! Miss you guys! :)

Mel said...

I have that swimsuit. Great minds think alike...