Monday, June 1, 2009

Introducing Dr. Jennifer Vickers

This weekend we drove down to Galveston for Jenn's graduation from Medical School! We are so unbelievably proud of her and it was so much fun to see her graduate. It is crazy that she is Dr. Vickers now. The kids didn't think it was as exciting as we did though. Eric and I spent most of the 4 hours that we were there chasing them up and down the hall outside. Then we came back in for Jenn walking across the stage and they fell asleep on Kim and Eric's shoulders. Their schedules were so messed up all weekend and they are still fussy today from having to adjust!

While we were gone we had some work done on the house. Thanks to my backyard project we had to take out the sliding glass doors that lined that wall. There were 2 of them and the bottom was not sealed well. So when we watered the grass water leaked in and soaked our carpet pad. So we had a guy put in a wall and french doors while we were gone this weekend. Now I need to paint before they come in and put new carpet and tile down. The house is going to look so different!

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