Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

From a turtle and a flower.....

And she's done...
We went to the pumpkin patch here in Kingsville to take pictures of the babies in their first Halloween costumes! So cute!! We have been here for the past week, so there will be a long Kingsville post coming soon.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

ACU Homecoming

This is the first homecoming in 2 years that I haven't been working the events. It has been so nice to just enjoy the events and get to see all of my friends that have come to town. Last night we had a game night at Lauren's house. It is funny to think that last year at homecoming I was pregnant and this year Lauren is. Maybe next year Rachael will be! Ha!

Here is Aunt Rachael with Sawyer and Mason
Saturday morning we walked down to the parade. The babies did great; it was very entertaining!

Here is Kristen and Rachael with Sawyer and Mason...
Here is part of our group
About halfway through the parade they both passed out. Too much fun!
Sawyer sleeping on Kendra

Aunt Robin with M&S
We have had a great weekend seeing friends!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

9 Month Check Up

We took the babies in for their check up this week. Mason weighed 17lbs 8 ozs and Sawyer weighed 15 lbs 11ozs. Mason was 27 in long and Sawyer was 26 1/2. Dr. Wiley said they are really healthy and doing well.

Last week they got to meet their Great Great Grandmother. She turned 96 last Wednesday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

2 Little Pumpkins

My parents are in town this weekend, so we took the babies out to the pumpkin patch while I had to extra sets of hands to help! They ate grass and played with pumpkins while I tried to get a good picture of them. Here are my favorites....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

9 Months

Mason and Sawyer are 9 months old today. They are very busy babies right now. They can both crawl very well and are into everything! Sawyer loves to climb and is constantly pulling up. I don't think it will be too long before she is walking. Here are some pictures of her climbing on everything and getting stuck in things.

Mason loves to pull up and climb on Sawyer. I think that is partially because he is always following her around. She started crawling first and she started pulling up first, so he is trying to keep up! Sawyer is not a big fan though. He is a little bit of a bully. He plays the big brother role very well. Here he is pulling on her back.

Mason has 4 teeth and Sawyer has 1. We have our doctors appt next week. It will be fun to see how much they weigh! They are both looking pretty chubby and eating really well. They are still nursing very well and eating 3 meals a day. They eat anything I give them!

This is the babies favorite thing to do right now. They love to stand in their chairs and watch the dogs.
Here is a funny video of Sawyer climbing in the chair and talking to Harley. I love the expression on Harley's face!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good Things Come in Two's

Today my friend Kristen and her adorable boy/girl twins drove into Abilene for a play date. Kristen and I met through mutual friends/the blogging world and found out that we have SO much in common. We both went through over three years of trying to have kids, found out we had endometriosis, did IVF, and had boy/girl twins at 34 weeks! Her babies are 6 weeks younger than mine. We had so much fun talking and taking pictures and playing. I think it is so cool that when they are older the babies will have friends that are b/g twins that are the same age. And it is great to have someone to talk to that understands what you are going through! I think this will be the beginning of a great friendship.

The babies are doing great and will be 9 months old next week. They are everywhere and into everything right now. So my time is spent chasing them and trying to get some work done! I will post a long picture post/update sometime next week!

For now here are some pictures of the babies with some of our other friends kids...

Mason and Sawyer with Kaitlyn and Cora
Rachel and Alan were recently in town and they got to meet Kaleb for the first time
M&S with Aidan

This and That

I have been working on introducing the babies to sippy cups so that the transition will go smoothly when they stop nursing in a few months. Here they are with them -
I put half apple juice and half water. Mason loves it! This is what he does every time I take it away (check out those teeth!) -
Eric tells Sawyer she looks like a Beatle.
I couldn't help but include this picture :)
They are both crawling now and are in to everything! Mason is still slower than Sawyer and usually just follows her. Here is a video of them crawling.

This is Sawyer's latest thing. She shakes her head whenever their singing dogs starts singing. She is also shakes it when she is eating sometimes. When I shake my head back at her she cracks up!