Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dr. Mayberry

Yesterday I made our appointment with Dr. Mayberry! We will get to find out the sexes of the babies on September 19! Less than 3 weeks from today! I am so excited.

I think I have picked out the cribs that we will get. The furniture line is Baby's Dream and they have it at a store in Dallas that I have heard great things about. They also do a twin discount, so we will get 10% off of anything we buy duplicates of!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Last Sonogram for a While

I had my first regularly scheduled appointment with Dr. Tadvick on Friday. He answered all of my questions and did a sonogram. Dr. Mayberry's office should call in about 2 weeks to schedule our appointment to find out the sexes sometime in October!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Last Trip

Our last trip to Lubbock was yesterday. It was a bittersweet trip. We have been going to Lubbock for a year now. Our first appointment was August of last year. And yesterday was our last sonogram there. The sonogram was the best we have had yet though, and was so much fun to see. The babies have arms and legs now, and were moving around a lot. It was neat to get to watch them rub their face or just move around their sac. Dr. Dorsett did our last sonogram and we got to hug all of the nurses and say goodbye. I am going to miss seeing them, but I am not going to miss driving to Lubbock or getting shots!