Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tiling, Cousins and More

We have been so busy lately. And I haven't had internet since last Friday! We tiled our living room this weekend so the router was unplugged. So here is a overview of what has been going on.

We have had family in town and have been spending time with them. Rhonda is still in town from California and Jenn just went back to Galveston to start her residency. 

Here is picture of Mason with his cousins. (Mason, Kendra and Garrett) Garrett is Rhonda's son and Kendra was one of the flower girls in our wedding. Mason was completely smitten with Kendra. It was so cute.

Great Grandpa reading to Sawyer and Aunt Rhonda reading to Mason

Mason has started drinking his milk and spiting it back out all down his shirt. Gross.
And for the tiling project. We got new carpet put in the bedroom but decided we wanted tile in the living room instead. So our friend Caleb offered to help us (teach us) tile. He did most of the work, but we helped as much as we could and in the process learned how to tile so in the future we can hopefully do it on our own. He did an amazing job. He is such a good friend to help us with something that is so much work.

Caleb laying the first tile
Jenn and Eric laying the tile
What we lived with all weekend. The house was impossible to move in while we were doing this. All of the furniture was in kitchen and bedroom. We are working on moving everything back now.
Here is the tile! I love the finished product.
It will take a while to get everything fully painted, back together and hung on the walls. But in a few weeks when it is all back to normal I will post some pictures with the furniture!

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