Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We have had a great weekend! We have spent most of it outside - playing and working. The kids have been swimming and playing with their outdoor toys. And we put down sod and cleaned out all of the flower beds in the front.

Mason and Sawyer also got to meet their cousin Chloe! She is such a cutie. Chloe was born about a week before M&S, so they are so close in age. I am so excited that they will have a cousin to play with growing up that is their age! None of the kids were wanting to take a picture so we ended up in it too.
More playing outside -

Putting the sod down -

So here was what I started with -
And here it the finished product -

Some of the front flower beds -


Kara Sheets said...

wow! that looks so much better!
all that hard work will pay off when you can just send the kiddos outside to play in a safe, soft and fun yard.

Mary Kay said...

How exciting! It looks great! You have EVERY reason to be proud, you have worked hard on that girl!!! I am so impressed. What a fun way to start summer. The kids just get cuter and cuter!

Wendy said...

The yard looks awesome! You have done such a great job. And this summer you will be so glad!

Travis and Erin Bodeker said...

I am very impressed! You can start a second business!