Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Table, Expo, and the Weekend

My parent got Mason and Sawyer a picnic table for their new back yard and it came in this weekend! They have LOVED climbing on it. They aren't so great at getting down though. Once they get up there they either cry for you to get them down or fall off and bust their head. We are working on that though. I guess that is one plus for having it inside for a while until there is grass outside. Here are a few pictures of them climbing on the tables they have learned to climb this week-

Our weekend has gone by fast and has been very busy. I have had 3 sessions, an expo and lots to do. Friday I took pictures up at church at the Daughter Mama Pajamarama. It was so much fun and I can't wait to start taking Sawyer to that when she is 3. Saturday I had a baby expo over at Kids Village. It was the first time they have done this and I am the only photographer they asked to participate! So that was awesome. It was 4 hours long and there was a pretty steady flow of people. Lauren came up and sat with me the whole time! I couldn't believe it. But it made it sooo much more fun to have someone to sit with and talk to. She is due in 9 days! I can't wait till Will is here. Here is a bad picture of my table. I just had my point and shoot with me and snapped a picture.
Then after the expo I had bridals. Today we went to church, out to lunch with the Pinsons and Kim&Chrys, and then we all took a much needed nap! I have senior pictures tonight, engagements Tuesday, Family pictures Thursday and a wedding Saturday!!


Mel said...

Sounds like you're really busy!!!

Alison said...

HI! We are coming in town the 20th for a few days! I would LOVE to get together! Let me know! The twins are so precious I can hardly wait for chloe to see them! Where are you finding cute girl clothes? I need some new places! :)

Kristen said...

Love the new table! :)
It will be great in their new backyard.
You are a busy momma lately!!!