Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cutest Kids Ever & Day 8

Warning - this is a very long picture post!!

I have been taking lots of Easter pictures lately for work and taking pictures of other peoples kids always makes me want to take some of mine. So we have had some photo shoots the last few evenings.

Here are some pictures of what we have been doing lately -

Sawyer, Mason & Claire
Mason & Cora
Claire & Sawyer

We went over to the Groves today to hang out and play. Since it was so hot they were outside in the backyard. Mason and Sawyer found the pool. After a few minutes, Mason decided he wanted to just climb in. So we just took their clothes off and let them have it.

Day 8:
Today I dug out all of the random big rocks that were in the yard and hauled out more of the brush that I had trimmed. I filled 2 dumpsters and got plenty of scratches. The fence should be built this week and then we can plant the grass!!


kristin fulghum said...

man, i'm a sucker for a baby in a tutu and a bow. love them all!

Leah said...

I pruned the roses last weekend and still have scratches trying to heal. Can't wait to see it!