Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 7

The babies both have ear infections. They have been so fussy lately and now we know why. Mason had a pretty high fever most of the day Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We took them into the doctor Friday morning. He has finally started feeling better and eating some today.

I haven't updated on what they are doing in a while so here is a little bit of what they are doing right now:
They run everywhere and are starting to reach more and get into more. They both love to dance when music comes on. Sawyer squeaks like a mouse all of the time right now. She also gives really sweet kisses. Mason gives sweet hugs. Their newest word is turtle. Mason started saying it first but now Sawyer does too. Sawyer calls Mason bubby. So sweet. They are constantly saying momma and dadda and lots of jibberish. They both scream and make lots of noise!

Mason after his bath -
Sawyer when I went to get her after nap time today -

Day 7:
I finished digging out the bricks on Friday! Yay! I also leveled out the ground where the fence will be.
I am super busy with work right now though so it may be a little while before I get any more done.

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