Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy Weekend

Friday the babies had their 15 month check up. Dr. Wiley said that they looked great and they are still growing right along their growth curve (and a little above). They had both lost a little weight from having stomach bugs and being sick though. Mason weighed 21.5 and Sawyer weighed 19.11. After nap time on Friday we went up to ACU and visited Lauren. They ran around one of the trail heads outside for a while. Then we went over to the Groves for dinner. It was so much fun to let all of the kids play and get to visit with good friends. Here are some pictures...
the little kids bath -

click to enlarge -
the big kids watching a movies while we played games -

Saturday -We went to Taylor's birthday party in the morning at the jump around. We haven't ever taken the kids there so it was fun to see what they had. They had fun, but I think they will like it more the older they get. Then we took the to Papa and Mimi's cause Eric had to work the mall and I had a senior session. While we worked the kids went to a softball game and hung out with Kim and Chrys.

Going down the big slide -

The birthday girl, Taylor -
In the maze -
Sunday - we went to church in the morning and then Eric had to work some in the afternoon. I had some family sessions at 5, so the kids went to Papa and Mimi's small group. I took pictures of 5 families last night and now have so much work to do! And I have another session tonight! Hopefully I will catch up at some point. Check out the photo blog for lots of new posts this week!

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kristin fulghum said...

oh, i love that dress sawyer has on. i saw it at old navy and was so tempted to buy it for someone. love it!