Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Favorite Products

I have quite a few pregnant friends right now and one of them (Rachael) has been asking me to do a list of my favorite things I have had for the babies over the past year and a half. Some of the things are more for the baby stage and others are for the toddler stage, so here it goes:

1. Pampers Swaddlers and later on Cruisers- These have been the best diapers for us. They have held the most pee and poo in and have worked the best in general. I also only use pampers sensitive wipes. They get the least diaper rash from those.

2. Gerber Grins and Giggles Sweat Pea lotion and wash- I love the way this stuff smells! One of my friends gave me some my shower and I have used it ever since.

3. Hooter Hider- Eric's aunt gave me this gift and I used it sooo much. It is a must have for any nursing mom!

4. Kiddopotamus bib- this bib is my favorite. My kids use it for every meal. It catches food and protects clothes really well and is easy to clean.

5. Cedarmont Platinum Bible Collection- I can hardly describe to you how much my kids love these videos. We got them back in december when we drove 14 hours to Colorado. THey are cheesy 80's videos, but if we let them the kids would watch for hours. They both get very still and have a TV face when they are on. I also like the Praise Baby dvd's, but the kids like the Cedarmont better unfortunately.

6. SippiGrip- These are a life saver when you are eating out to keep the cups off the floor!

7.Travel Tray- These trays have worked really well for us when traveling if the kids need to have a snack or meal in the car. And they are easy to store!

8.Snack Catchers- These are also great for snacks like goldfish!

9. - Since I made all of their baby food this site was invaluable. It was so much cheaper and healthier to do it this way.

So there is the list. I am sure I have left out some great things, but that is what I could think of right now! What else do you mom's out there use and love??


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the list!!! I feel ya on Pampers!! We don't use anything else. I will have to try some of your other things. I am thinking about making my own baby food. Nice to have a site.

Jen said...

Those are all grrreat products, most I used myself. Another great one is the bumbo. I used it so much. It came in handy when my daughter was too small to fit in a highchair, but eating solids. We lugged that thing around everywhere. Now they even have a handy tray to attatch to it.

bcstark said...

Hey! Just found your blog through facebook. Totally agree on Pampers and a lot of the other products you posted. Two other products we loved were the Boppy pillow and our infant rocking seat... the Boppy especially though!

Phyllistene said...

Man they are so big!
I love the bite marks next to the bracelets. Priceless!

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