Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Mason and Sawyer LOVE books right now. They stand at the book shelf, point at it and sign please constantly. They think of new and more dangerous ways to scale the bookshelf to get to the higher books all of the time. And they fight over books quite often as well. Sawyer calls them bookabee and Mason calls them cookie. I don't know why or where that came from!

Here are a few pictures from playing outside yesterday. I let them eat outside at their picnic table for the first time and they did much better than I expected. I also let them have popsicles while we were out there. Mason would not hold his by the stick though and kept getting mad when his hand got too cold. He would hand it back to me and then get mad because he wanted it back.

This is how Sawyer likes to slide down the slide-

Sofia pulling Sawyer around in the wagon-

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Allison said...

They are so cute! I love seeing pics of them! Hope yall are doing good! Miss you!

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