Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Unsuccessfully Successful Photo Shoot

Tonight I tried to take pictures of the kids. You know some good ones, with my good camera that aren't taken at the house, with nice clothes on. I don't know what I was thinking!

After dinner I cleaned them up and got them dressed, hair fixed and shoes on. I went out and loaded them in the car and it starts to sprinkle as we pull out of the drive way. I head towards Jacob's Dream and the rain gets a little harder. The wind starts blowing like crazy. So I decided that we would go down to Sonic and get a drink, try to wait it out. I get my drink and start to pull out and Mason says, "I need to go potty." Ah! I tell him to wait, we will be there in 2 minutes. I'm thinking why didn't I put them in pull-ups. Stupid. The rain is letting up and stops by the time we get back to Jacob's Dream. So I run to get Mason out to take him to the back to go potty and he is soaked. And of coarse I don't have cute extra shorts in the car, I have crazy camos. Awesome. But we are already dressed up past bedtime, so I figure I will try for closeups. I did get a couple of cute ones, but they weren't very cooperative. I have to jump up and down, literally, to get their attention. Then 5 minutes in Sawyer stands up, "I have to go potty." I tell her to wait just a minute and she starts to pee right there. Well I think that's it for the shoot....







At least we got some cute pictures, so I guess the wet clothes and carseat were worth it!


Elizabeth said...

Such cute pictures! what a funny story too!!!

amy said...

that was extremely successful! gorgeous pics! YOU, miss talented photographer, will have to get some pics for us in San Antonio! :) you're amazing! Can't wait

kristin fulghum said...

that's hilarious! can i please have sawyer's hair?

Mary Kay said...

Man, I can't imagine what you would have gotten had things gone better...cause those are adorable! They are so beautiful! Love keeping up with them through your blog!

Kim W. said...

Cute pictures, and hilarious story! Glad you got some great shots! Def worth it! :) You have super cute kiddos!

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