Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here is a little potty training update...Day 4 of potty training did not go well. Sawyer seemed to have gotten it and was doing great, hadn't had an accident until she had to go #2. Then it was downhill for her after that. Mason had triple the accidents than he did the day before. It was so discouraging and frustrating.

Then the next day, after breakfast, I was getting their clothes to get them dressed and Sawyer says, "I need to go potty." I run her in the bathroom and her underwear are full of poo. So take them off and sit her on the frog potty. Then Mason runs in and starts to pull down his underwear, says "I'm stinky." As he is pulling his underwear off, poo falls out, he steps in it, smears it everywhere. Sawyer is saying, "I need a wipe, I need a wipe, I need a wipe." So I get Mason on the big potty and start trying to get the poo off the floor, Mason's foot, the potties, the kids, my hands... all while trying to keep them sitting on the potties so they don't spread it more and so that I can wipe them down good before I put undies back on. Ah. By this point I was already so discouraged and frustrated I was ready to go get the diapers and say forget it. We will try again later. The afternoon saved me though. One of my closest friends came over with her kids for a play date and encouraged me. She is one of the most laid back people ever, and listening to her advice helped a lot. She told me that all kids are different and to do what works for us. If we need to use pull ups on road trips, then do it. If a timer or naked training would work better for mason, then do it. And then my parents got in town after naps for a couple days. So I had some help! And I felt like maybe I could keep this up.

Day 6 was much better. Sawyer didn't have an accident all day and went #2 on the potty for the first time. Mason was still saying , "no go potty" and having lots of accidents. So I decided to put him on a timer and try that. It seemed to work much better with him. He started at 20 minutes and is up to 25 minutes now. The timer is great for him because when it goes off he knows he has to stop and go.

They are still having accidents but not near as many. Sawyer definitely got it down better than Mason. He is not interested in taking time out of his day to go potty. She is telling us when she needs to go though and he is going every 25 minutes on the timer. I think we are making progress and that we will get there eventually. But I did not realize how much this would change our day to day! It will be hard to run errands for a while, at least until they are holding it longer and better at telling us. And it will make the rest of our summer vacations a little harder! But they really are doing well. So far today, neither of them have had an accident!



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amy said...

hang in there, hannah! sounds like you're doing GREAT! They'll get there!!

Anonymous said...

I think I'll wait until my girls are 5! I can't imagine how hard it must be, but it sounds like your patience is what is keeping them moving forward! Way to go!

Anonymous said...
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