Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Weekend...

We had a weekend full of visitors, parties and work. I had two meetings with potential wedding clients and Eric worked all weekend. They are doing physical assessments for applicants and he has been working nonstop all week.

My Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike were in town from Vermont and it was so much fun to get to see them! They had never met Mason and Sawyer.
Then we had Sofia and Maddox's birthday parties to go to. Sofia was the first kid to hold Sawyer when she was a baby! Here is a picture of them. I don;t remember how old Sawyer was though.

All the kids at Sofia's party -
Sawyer playing with her friend Meg -
Alison was in town for the festivities as well! They moved away right before we both got pregnant and our kids have never met! So it was great for Ella, Sawyer and Mason to get to meet each other for the first time.
Sawyer, Ella and Mason -
Mason and Ella were very taken with each other. I think Mason has a new girlfriend!

On a sad note, the preacher at our church (Mike Cope) announced his resignation this morning. We are SO sad that he won't be our preacher anymore. When I was a freshman, he was a big part of the reason I stared attending Highland and stayed there. Eric was the other reason :) It will be interesting to see who they find to take his place. I know they will not be the same as Mike, but maybe they will find someone good. It doesn't seem possible to find someone that will be as good as him, but we can hope.


Travis and Erin Bodeker said...

Wow--I can't imagine Highland without him. He was there when we first move to Abilene in 1995.

Kristen said...

Such a fun weekend!
I can't imagine Highland without Mike Cope. How sad!! What is he going to do now??