Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Weekend and My New Project

The weather was cold Friday and Saturday so we stayed inside and didn't do much. The weather was much better today though. Kim, Chrys, Stan and Judy were out at the State Park so we went out there for lunch. As the kids get older they will be spending lots of time hiking and playing out there.

Here they are in a play pin that is older than Eric!Papa & Mason
Mimi & Sawyer
Mimi Judy reading to the kids (I didn't get any of Stan though)
Now for my project. I have been wanting to be able to take the kids outside and let them run around and play, but don't really have a safe place. Our backyard is full of weeds, 3 dogs and lots of dog poo. Our front yard is close to the street and full of stickers. And I can't really take them to the park by myself yet and watch them like I need to be able to. So... last week I had an idea. I am going to turn our back porch into a yard for the kids. First I needed to trim the trees and bushes. Then I have to dig up all of the bricks that form the patio (which is A LOT). Next we will have to build a fence from the brick wall to the neighbors fence to keep the dogs out. Then I will plant grass to cover the yard. Once I am done it should be really nice and just need some fun yard toys! I am thinking about a little fort slide thing and a sand box. And then of coarse a little kid pool for the summer. I have heard that the water/sand table are really great though. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Any favorites from your kids? So here are some pictures of my project. I am 2 days into it!

Here is the porch when I started:

This is the space where the fence will be built - from the wall to the fence.
Day 1: Trim the Trees and Bushes

Day 2: Start Digging Up Bricks
This is how much I got done the first day digging. I worked for maybe a hour and a half and was completely fatigued when I was done. My shoulders and my hands are so sore. The worst part of it though was hauling the bricks out of the backyard in the wheel barrow. It was so heavy! I hope I can move tomorrow!

Have a great week!


Kristen said...

I am impressed with your project, how fun!!! :) I know it will turn out great. Where are yall going on your trip??
By the way, I love their haircuts. :) So cute!

Riley Kai said...

Hannah, we gave Riley a kangaroo climber for her first birthday, and it is still by far her and Taylor's favorite thing at our house! It even has a slide! Was definately a great purchase for us!