Sunday, February 20, 2011


this past week my dad had a meeting in san antonio so we met them there to hang out and do some shopping. i always love going to la cantera and the rim! we got the kids some cute clothes and found some adorable easter outfits. and did quite a bit of walking up and down the riverwalk.



the biggest news of all though is that this past week mason has started telling me when he needs to poop and has been just going in and going on the potty!!!! amazing. i have been dealing with poopy underwear since june so i cannot even tell you how awesome this is. neither kid had a single accident the entire time we were out of town. it was so great.

friday we headed back to town because amy and her family were in town for sing song and we wanted to get to see them! amy is one of my twin mom friends and i was so excited they were going to be here. mason really liked the girls and showed off for reese and riley the entire time at dinner. this boy is going to be such a flirt.



Kim W. said...

YAY, MASON!!!!!!!!!! :) I KNOW you are so excited, as I remember how NOT excited you were when yall were over last time. ;) Super great news! I felt the same way with Jake, but that was just 2 months, not 6-8. Bless you, Hannah, you are a good momma! See, he made you proud, told you it'd happen. ;) Love ya friend!

Elizabeth said...

Yay for Mason!!! The picture of you and Amy is making me super jealous...I am so sad we didn't make it to town to see Sing Song and you guys