Friday, February 18, 2011

daddy daughter dinner & dance

our church does these awesome events that are daddy/daughter, mother/son, mama/daughter, etc. when the kids turn three they can start attending. i have been taking pictures at there for a few years now and have been so excited for the kids to get to start going. the daddy/daughter dance is my absolute favorite of all of them. it is just so sweet. all the little girls get so excited and get all dressed up for their date with their daddies. sawyer got to go this year, but she didn't really get it yet and she is just so shy. it was her introductory year :) she is going to love it as she get older!




Anonymous said...

How sweet! She looks just like her daddy ;)

Kim W. said...

Precious times, I love it! I can't wait for AW and JK to be able to do things like that together! SOOOOO sweet!! By the way, your pictures were amazing from that night! You are awesome!