Sunday, September 12, 2010

when in doubt just wear leggings.

that was the motto of our trip. the first annual twin mama trip that is. it was AH-MAZING. we went to san antonio and stayed on the riverwalk at the hotel contessa. we spent lots of time talking, laughing, shopping, and just relaxing without a schedule! there were five of us that ended up going (out of a group of about 10 that had planned it). we really missed all of the girls who couldn't go and can't wait until they get to go next year!

here are the girls left to right:
liz (18m g/g twins), shelley (3yo b/g twins), amy (2yo g/g twins), britni (2yo g/g twins), and me (2 1/2yo b/g twins).


amy and liz put together some awesome bags for us with all kinds of fun stuff, including a mixed cd for the trip (thanks again guys)!


getting pedicures :)




saturday we all wore our awesome twin mama tshirts and took pictures in front of the alamo. we got tons of comments all day. alot of people asked us how we met. one really fun older woman came up to us and said that she had 22 yo b/g twins and talked to us for a while. another girl asked us if we had quintuplets. we even heard one lady say, "do you think they all really have kids?"





saturday night we got all dressed up and went to see jersey boys at the majestic. it was really good. we were up at the very, very top, but the theater was gorgeous and the singing was great.



girls, i had SO much fun and can't wait until next year (and all of the play dates in between)! i miss you already!


Elizabeth said...

I knew you were going to be the first one!! I had a wonderful time hanging out with you this weekend! I am so glad we both had twins and that has brought us back together!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you got these pics up so quickly! I've been twiddling my thumbs for four days :( I'm not sure I could have kept up with y'all! Crazy girls! So glad you all had such a great time! Count me in next year ;)

The Watsons said...

What a fun weekend you had! That is awesome! Looks like yall had a blast!

kristin fulghum said...

so fun!

amy said...

Ha- love the post title!! Had a bLAST this weekend. Already looking forward to next year. LOVED meeting you in 'real life' and can't wait to get together soon. I've got to meet those sweet kids of yours!

Leah said...

Now I am totally wishing that I had made it! Really cute shirts and cds. All the details look like just what you needed. I love the Majestic...beautiful theatre. Hope to see you at Kindermusik this week. We missed too.

Shelley said...

I had SO much fun! I'm still cracking up at the late night tv, the talk of high school dances (seriously, that still makes me laugh), and your backwards sommersault lesson. Can't wait to see you again and meet the kiddos!

annalee said...

SO WONDERFUL! SO glad y'all got to do that together! I love amy. her sister was my roommate at acu!

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