Thursday, September 23, 2010

embrace the camera

this embrace the camera is dedicated to my little helper who loves to clean, cook, put on makeup and anything and everything that i am doing. she loves to help.








Alicia said...

sweet lil' helper you got there! twins??? i'm pretty sure but couldn't find anything that stated this to be true. i've got almost {in 3 days} twin 5mth old boys. can't wait for them to be your kiddos' age, but then again...want them to stay babies forever! make sense?!?!

amy said...

What a sweet girl and what a fun mama!

mau said...

what a darling!

mjrodriguez said...

never too early to teach her to become independent, i always say.

looks like you both had fun :-)

Alison said...

she is such a cutie! it was great to see you in target today! take care...alison t.

hill said...

what sweet photos!

Holly Girl said...

Looks like you guys have fun in the kitchen!!!! Cute photos!

Britni Key said... sweet and what a big helper! Looks like those cupcakes were delicious. Love the pictures of the kids feeding and petting the deer, I bet that was amazing. I would have loved to do that too!

Kim W. said...

Such a sweet little girl. I can't wait for this Mommy/Daughter time with JK. Sweet pictures. I love them all.

emily said...

little helpers are the best :)

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