Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did NOT put a pair of frilly purple Dora panties on mason when he peed in his underwear at a playdate because that was all I had in my purse.

And I did NOT leave him in those panties the rest of the day until we went swimming at 6. No way. Not me.

And I did NOT take pictures of him in these girly panties while Sawyer kept saying, mommy those are my panties.


I did NOT eat potty training m&m's while laying in bed reading last night.

I did NOT leave those m&m's on the nightstand where Sawyer could reach them.

And I did NOT find her dumping them and stuffing her face. No way, not me. Never.


Mckmama- Not Me Monday


amy said...


Kim W. said...

Now THAT made me laugh! Hilarious! I am so right there with you...except it wasn't m&m's last night, it was Drumsticks icecream. Ha! You made a much better choice, at least speaking in terms of fat content!

Rachael said...

I LOVED reading this post. And, wow...Mason has some serious abs!

Heidi said...

Love it!

Phyllistene said...

Haha.. this is great.. and Extras is a great book. the series kinda trips you out after a while though huh?

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