Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Video Catch Up

Mason and Sawyer talk constantly right now. And I LOVE listening to them talk to each other. They have the cutest conversations. I usually listen to them a lot while I am in the bathroom getting ready/putting on make-up and they are in their room. I always hear stuff like, "Where mommy go bub? I don't know sis, let's go find her." "Do you hear mommy sis? Is that mommy? I don't bub let's go find her." Yesterday morning when I got up I blew my nose before I went in there to get them and Mason yelled, "be quiet mommy!"

The other day I was driving home and Mason says, "I want to go to Sea World!" And Sawyer said, "Not today bub, not today."

I need to try to record more conversations of theirs, but here is a video of them playing and a video of Sawyer trying to feed Mason while he is trying to get me to read a book.

Cracking each other up before bed. And yes that is Mason tooting at the end :)

Mason Reading Polar Bear Polar Bear-

Singing Little Turtle-

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