Sunday, November 29, 2009

This post is going to be so long because I have not had time to update lately. I feel like I won't have time to relax and I won't get caught up with work until January at least!

The weekend before Thanksgiving my friend Robin got married in the metroplex. I took pictures for her and also got see some of my friends from college. It was so nice to see everyone that was there!

The next day Rachael was induced and had Micah. I still haven't met him, but I am driving out there next weekend to see them.

My parents came into town to help out while I was out of town for the wedding and stayed through Thanksgiving. They got lots of time playing with the kids and spoiling them. They got the kids a table to play at and eventually eat at, and some fun Christmas presents.

My dad also took some family pictures for us while they were in town. Here are some cute ones he got:

The kids favorite thing to do right now is play ring around the rosy. They drag each other around the house holding hands all the time. They also convince grandparents to play pretty often.

Aunt Gaffy was also here and we really enjoyed getting to see her.

And all of the other family.

We had a play date with their cousin Chloe and ended up on the news I hear.

Thanks to the grandmothers we also got a tree up.

hanging the first ornaments..

I also have the stockings hung, have watched Home Alone a couple of times and have wrapped some presents. I am excited about Christmas this year, but am also ready for the Holiday rush to be over so I can enjoy it more! I can't wait to see the kids open their presents this year. They are going to have so much fun. I LOVE Christmas!


kristin fulghum said...

so fun to see you guys this weekend. thanks again for doing the are so talented!!

Kristen said...

Your family pics are GREAT! I love them! I hope I get to be on your mail list for xmas cards. The kids are SO big...can you believe we are going to be 2...I can't. LOVE Sawyers dress!

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