Monday, October 15, 2007

The Long Weekend

We had a busy, productive, crazy, long weekend. Friday my parents and I drove to Dallas to pick up the cribs and changing table. We went shopping and then went to pick it all up. But it didn't all fit in the car very well. My mom ended up riding in the back laying on top of a box.

But we got it all back to Abilene and found some really cute baby clothes!

While we were gone Eric started working on the babies room and there was an accident! As a result, we are going to be getting new carpet! Which will be nice, because we needed new carpet anyways. Now the paint incident and the nail polish incident can be fixed.

On Sunday we cleaned out out garage to make room for all of our stuff that is in the babies room right now. My parents, Eric's parents and my grandpa all came over to help. The difference is huge and we have a lot more room out there now.

We still have a ton of work to do on the house. We are planning on filling in the atriums and making them offices. And we need to get new carpet and a new roof. With the babies room we still need to finish painting, build the cribs, have an electrician come out and install and fix the light fixtures and put everything away. There is a lot to be done!! But not this week because it is homecoming. So if you don't see me or talk to me, it is because I am working like crazy. But it will all be over on Saturday! Hope everyone has a great week!


summer said...

I still can't quite figure out exactly how your mom was crammed in there, but that is a good momma. :)

Brianna Allen said...

Wow! The garage looks completely different! If you need any help, I'm always willing! :D It's lookin' good and so are you!