Monday, November 21, 2011

logan paige

we found out yesterday that we are having a baby girl in march! the baby looks perfect but i have placenta previa so they are going to keep a close watch on things and i have to be careful so i don't end up on bed rest. but tadvick thinks everything will go fine.


i really wanted to tell the kids in a fun way if the baby was a boy or girl so after they woke up from their nap I had blue and pink balloons all over the living room for them to play with until the grandparents and eric got home. sawyer asked me if we were going to find out what the baby was and then put it back in. she had lots of questions while we waited to find out. is the baby going to sleep in my room? are we going to get the baby out today? after the baby comes out are we going to keep it? after the baby comes out are we going to get another one?

eric brought home a reveal cake from mckays (which by the way is amazing again). my mom and chrys came over, kim and jen got on skype and we cut into the cake (my dad was out hunting).



mason has asked me multiple times why the baby can't be a boy. poor guy. sawyer is excited that it is a girl though! she told us a million times today that the baby is a girl.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I knew it was a girl! LOVE her name! Looks like S&M are excited! Congrats!! Hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving! (Your house is beautiful!)

Kim W. said...

Oh Hannah, what a blessing. I am so happy for yall. Love her name. Can't wait to see your beautiful baby girl.

annalee said...

rejoicing over this sweet baby and SOO excited for your family!