Saturday, November 5, 2011

kids rooms

we are still working on the house. there is still so much left to do which is the main reason i haven't posted any pictures yet. but the kids rooms are mostly done (minus some trim paint!). so here are the kids new rooms!

here is sawyer's room-



this room used to be the guest room. the only thing that stayed is the small chest of drawers that I painted.

favorite things about her room- she loves her dressing table that aunt jaffy gave her and i love that she has her own closet for all of her clothes and a pink girly room!

here is mason's room-



this room used to be my dad's room when he was growing up and was where we stayed when we visited and where I lived a summer in college. The three pieces of furniture were my dads.

favorite things about his room- the painting on the wall is of my grandpas house that he grew up in and i love that they are in normal sized beds and have lots of room. they also both love having a lamp in their room.


Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW!! What a transformation! They are so cute and so perfect!! I bet they're thrilled! Are they loving having separate rooms?! I can't imagine being able to live in a house where you have so many memories with your family... that is so special! (And good to know that someday they'll be able to handle having a lamp in their room! Haha!) CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE!!

Ashley said...

That both look SO cute!!! Great job!

Kim W. said...

I love the rooms, Hannah. So cute. Hope yall are doing well and enjoying getting settled in yalls new house. Love that your dad was raised there. Neat family memories and wonderful stories, I am sure.

JD said...

Wow Hannah! These rooms are unreal! Great job!

brenda said...

You have so much energy! The rooms are cute!

Kristi said...

Love the Owls! Both rooms look great. I bet you are loving having them seperated. Ready to see more pics of the house.

Kristen said...