Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We have been spending most of our time outside lately. The kids have been helping me trim branches and haul it out to the trash, weed the flower beds and plant new flowers.

we went to lowes and bought flowers, and found these cute kids chairs...

they ate lunch on the porch while i weeded...

they played in the pool while i planted and weeded. although i admit that was much better than when they decided to "help" me. "help" consisted of sitting in my lap, getting me very wet and then throwing dirt on me while trying to get it to the bag of weeds.



while we have been working outside they have been getting a lot more bumps and boo-boos. we are going to go through a lot of boo boo stickers this summer.

watching dora after playing hard. so sweet.

other random pictures from the last week..."

i took pictures of all the kids classes at church on Sunday and got this one of the kids playing.

Have a great week and enjoy the wonderful weather!


Elizabeth said...

Wow, I can't believe how big they are looking lately! Hannah you have some CUTE kids! I wish we could all play!

amy said...

So sweet! We need to set up our pool too. I can't believe it's already so hot... not a good sign for the summer months to come. ha! :)

又陽 said...
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誠侑 said...
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