Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here is a little update on what the kids are doing and saying right now...

favorite color: lellow (yellow)
favorite toy: animal puzzle pieces and pooh bear & tigger figurines
favorite animal: raffe (giraffe)
favorite show: Tigger & Pooh
favorite books: Gigi and Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear

favorite color: pink
favorite toy: baby molly & her stroller and Darby & Buster figurine
favorite show: Dora

Sawyer has been in an "I want" phase. She constantly says, I wanna do it, I wanna put it on, I want pink shoes, I wanna help, I don't want it, I want off. "I no likin it."

There has also been lots of, "I need... milk, strawberries, etc."

The other day Sawyer ran up to Eric and said, "I have a boo boo daddy and I NEED a boo boo ticker (sticker)!"

They both say, "Mommy, you hear dat?" constantly. Seriously, any time there is any kind of noise they say this over and over. Mason says it more than Sawyer though.

They like to say, "Mommy read dis one please." And they love to read the same book over and over.

Mason LOVES music and loves to sing. He is always singing something and he combines a lot of his songs. It is pretty funny to listen to. But the other day we were at Sams and he was singing, "Old McDonlad had a pee pee, eieio. With a pee pee here and a pee pee there, eieio." Let's just say we were getting some pretty interesting looks.

Me: "Sawyer, do you like playing outside?"
Sawyer: "I like pink shoes."
ok then.

On the way to church one Sunday the sun was coming in the car and hitting sawyer's face and she screamed, "my eyes, my eyes! Sun off please."

That's all I can think of right now, but I know there is alot more. They come up with new funny things everyday!


Anonymous said...

LOVE this post! I can't get enough of the things kids say! Keep them coming ;)

Kim W. said...

I love that you wrote this post. I have so been meaning to do this same thing, but haven't taken the time yet. Need to! Anyhow, it's so cute, cause the boys say some of the exact same things as Mason! And Sawyer, too, for that matter, minus all the pink comments. :) Anyhow, your kids are so cute. And you are such a good momma. I'd say the kids, and Eric, are all lucky to have you!

brenda said...

Your kiddos are just precious! I'm so excited that I get to see them tomorrow :-)

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