Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eric's Great Grandmother passed away this week. A whole bunch of family came in town this weekend for the funeral. Mammaw was 97 years old and was an amazing woman. I am so glad that the kids got to meet their only living great great grandparent. I just wish they could have grown up listening to her stories and playing canasta with her :)

This is a picture of all of the cousins at the visitation-

Garrett, Mimi, Mason and Mama Jean

This is just a picture of what Mason was doing the whole night. He was being SUCH a ham. He ran circles around everyone and rolled around on the floor saying "all fall down." He was also dancing and doing happy feet and waving his arms. He was showing off a little bit.

We got their haircut this weekend too.

And spent a lot of time playing with sweet friends.

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Elizabeth said...

So sorry about your loss! Nice that your kids got to meet her though....I can't believe that Sawyer has that much hair.I love it!

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