Friday, January 1, 2010

Eric and I got back from Vegas yesterday. We took a short trip for our 7 year anniversary on the 28th. It was so much fun. We met some good friends of ours there and really enjoyed getting to see them. We just relaxed, ate some good food, shopped and hung out. It was a great trip and a nice break. I didn't work at all the entire time I was there (which is a huge deal for me especially since I had a wedding the day before we left!). We went and saw the new Cirque Du Soliel show at the newest hotel there, Aria. It was very different than all the other cirque shows, but still a fun show. The City Center, where Aria is, is amazing. It had been under construction last May when we were there and it was crazy to see most of it open now.

These two pictures are at Bellagio. I was excited their Christmas stuff was still up and the room was not in transition!

This is the new City Center.

Happy New Year!

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Pricilla said...

Hey Hannah,
Will's sister, Betsy, is a graphic designer for MGM Grand Co. and she designed the Logo and sign for ARIA! I am so jealous you got to see it. We can't wait to go and visit Vegas again. It really is cool to know that the ARIA sign is my sister-n-law's handwriting! Glad you both got to get away and have a great time. You deserve it. Miss you!

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