Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This week has been a lot of fun so far. Summit has been going on at ACU so we have had lots of visitors. One of my best friends from college came in town for a few days and it was sooo much fun to get to hang out!! I miss Rachael and Lauren living here so much. Stephen (rachael's husband, Melody and Daniel were also here. We went out to eat a lot and just hung out.

Rachael is 30 weeks pregnant so while she was here we shot a few maternity pictures. You can see more on my photo blog. Isn't she stunning?

We also had our first day of fall and it was wonderful. It has been cool and I am loving it. The kids can finally play outside and burn up!

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Mary Kay said...

Adorable little ones! Can't get over how big they are getting! Thank you for blogging...I love seeing them! They are so cute!

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