Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mason and Sawyer are 19 months now. More than half way to 2. tempus fugit. Last month I didn't really do any updates so I thought I would say a little bit of what they are doing right now. They are both saying lots of words, running everywhere and climbing on everything. They both LOVE to read. They look at books all day and bring books to me constantly. I read books to them over and over all day. When Sawyer wants to read, she sits down in your lap, pulls your hand out and puts the book in it. It is so cute! They are really into copying each other right now. We say monkey see monkey do a lot. Mason likes to hug Sawyer and is so sweet. But he also really likes to lay on her and smother her, or sit on her head right now. She gets really mad. Mason also puts his hands in his ears all the time and talks. I guess he likes the way it sounds. Sawyer has started saying no to anything and everything. No matter what question it is. But it is in a cute voice and is so cute. I am sure it get annoying but right now it is so cute and she doesn't really mean no. Sawyer is also doing almost all of the animal noises now and they are so precious. The rooster and frog are my favorite. Mason is starting to say them too, but he doesn't do as many as Sawyer. It amazes me how well they know all of our books now! They say the noises before me on any books that have animal or other noises. Mason says baby for please. He signs please but says baby. He also says cookie for book. So we hear a lot of baby cookie, which means book please. We always say the right word to try and correct him but he sticks with his words.

Mason with his hands in his ears and about 7 grapes in his mouth!


Mason laying on Sawyer-

This is a video of Sawyer making some of her animal noises-

This is a video of Sawyer saying no to every question I ask-


Travis and Erin Bodeker said...

I absolutely love the roster noise. So adorable!

kristin fulghum said...

what a little sass a frass. that is so funny. they are too stinkin' cute for words.

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