Monday, January 26, 2009

New Foods

Mason and Sawyer are feeding themselves now at every meal and this past week they have had some interesting new additions. On Sunday we went to lunch with the Groves and Emma fed Mason pizza and coke while I was getting my pizza at the buffet. Then today Sawyer found the tote with Charlie's dog food, got it open and ate some before I could get it away from her! Coke and dog food were definitely not on my list of things to add to their diet, but what are you going to do? Ha!

We are trying to avoid the icy weather and all of the RSV that is going around right now. So many people are sick and I am just hoping that we don't get it. It doesn't help that the weather keeps changing from 30 to 80 every few days! I hope everyone has a great week.

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Riley Kai said...

Wow they don't even look like babies anymore! It's sad and fun all at once! Btw, it's crazy how many kids have RSV here right now. Nyki said 2 kids from Taylors daycare are in the hospital with it! Needless to say, we are staying in too!