Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We finally finished painting and got new carpet! It looks so great. And we finally got our entry way cleared out. It will still be a while before everything is organized and put away, but for now you can at least walk through our house again.

Eric putting the cribs together:

The carpet before:
The hall way packed full of baby stuff:
The carpet after:
Mason's Crib:
Sawyer's Crib:
The babies will be here in less than 10 weeks! I am so excited and so glad that things are almost ready for them.


summer said...

Their room looks great! Love it!

Felicia said...

You look like you're all ready to go! The beds are adorable! Good luck the last few weeks.

Kelly, Candace, Brendan & Corbin said...

i just can't believe how much baby stuff you had in your hallway!! that's incredible! i just loooovvvveeee the baby bedding you picked out! hugs, candace

Kara Sheets said...

everything looks great!