Monday, August 22, 2011

so here's the story... i went in for my yearly check up august 4th. two nights before my appointment i had a dream they called me and left me a message i was pregnant. at the end of the appointment dr.t said he thought that one of my ovaries was swollen so he wanted to do an ultrasound to make sure everything was alright. so he did an ultrasound and then said he wanted to send me in for some bloodwork. i did the bloodwork and went to workout. at the end of my workout i checked my phone and had a message from dr.t that said, "your bloodwork came back positive for pregnancy. but i have some concerns. your progesterone was really high (21), which is good but didn't match up with what i saw on the ultrasound. the sack was so small i almost couldn't tell for sure if you were pregnant. so that means it could just be early, it could be multiples or there could be a problem. give me a call when you get this." i was shocked. SHOCKED. i mean i wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant right?!? even if eric and i both had a feeling i might be, even if i had a funny dream, it hasn't happened in 3 1/2 years!

i am only around 7 weeks right now. super early. we were going to wait longer to tell, but well that didn't happen. i am having ultrasounds once a week right now. i had one last monday (the one in the pictures). he reassured us it was only one baby. we could see the babies heartbeat. and i have another tomorrow. dr.t has said that everything looks great!

we are so excited. the kids are really excited.

mason wants a baby brother, sawyer wants a baby sister. and she thinks this baby is hers. she told chrys, "mommy has my baby in her tummy." i asked sawyer why she wants a sister and she said, "so i can sleep with her." they have also asked how the baby eats and how he will come out. and told me my tummy is squishy. thanks. i know it will just keep getting better.

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and I'm also really excited that mom gets to have the baby's big brother and sister in her class this year!