Sunday, March 13, 2011


i decided to start having themed weeks at home. i wanted to start doing more with the kids that is more geared toward teaching, but also having fun and spending time with them. so i made out a schedule and have been thinking of activities, crafts, books, food, movies, etc that I can do with them for each week. some themes are more fun and some are more educational or biblical. this week was our first week and i wanted to start out very easy. so it was a fun week. aliens.

we did a really fun craft project and made alien hats. my friend alison introduced me to this awesome website where i found the idea.





we colored a couple of different alien coloring pages that i found online.

we read a bunch of alien books.

and we watched some fun alien movies - lilo & stitch, toy story 2 (it has the little green aliens).

i have already bought all of the stuff for next week and checked about 50 books out from the library. well not that many, but it will feel like it when we start reading them all.


Kim W. said...

Look at you!! Way to be a great mom!! Very impressed, girl! Hope this week's theme turns out to be just as fun as Aliens. I mean if my kids got to watch Toy Story, they'd love it for sure! They are obsessed, to say the least. :)

Alison said...

look at you! so not fair that we can't be there to meet up weekly for some good, fun, "themed" playdates! we sure miss you guys, and i just want you to know that i honestly so appreciated your example of such a dedicated mom when we were with you. i love that you love to spend time with your kids! have fun!!
ps-i'm SO jealous you have a library to go to that actually has the "suggested" books...haha! i am so glad you found the website!