Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This weekend Lauren, Rachael and I met in Austin to hang out for a couple of days. It was SO great to see them and so much fun to see all of the kids together. My kids had never met Micah (Rachael's 3 month old) and WIlliam is only getting more fun as he gets older. Rachael's grandma is sick and so she didn't get to come the whole time, but I am so glad that she got to come late. Mason and Sawyer love babies, and loved playing with Micah and William. Those babies were well loved in this weekend.

We got to Austin Saturday and went to lunch. Then I dropped the kids off at Kim's apartment so that we could have some time without kids! Lauren had a Tastefully Simple party at her mom's house and it was so much fun to see her in action. I was surprised at how much of the stuff I liked. I got a bunch of new spices and some awesome beer bread. After the party Lauren left William with her mom and we went shopping and to eat dinner all by ourselves. It was a lot of fun to go out and not worry about hurrying and timing and all of that. Sunday was more church and hanging out with the kids.

Monday Rachael drove up. We hung out with the kids during the day and then watched the Bachelor season finale. We used to always watch it together in college and after so it was a lot of fun to do it again. I am ready to plan the next trip already!

At Jungle Java in Round Rock-

Watching the Bachelor-

The kids were worn out from the great weekend. Thank you so much for hosting us Brenda!!

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annalee said...

what a wonderful weekend!

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