Monday, February 22, 2010

We had a great weekend hanging out around Abilene. I got my new iphone for my birthday!! I have wanted one for a very long time but I have been holding off since my other phone was much cheaper. The weather was nicer so we did some stuff outside. I am so ready for spring and summer. It is snowing again right now. If it sticks maybe we will play in the snow again!

This weekend we went over and played some ball with grandpa, and then took the kids to the zoo.

The kids are def 2 right now. Their moods are so extreme. They are so sweet to each other and play so well together or they are screaming at each other, pushing, biting, etc. I LOVE it when they are sweet to each other though. If they get a toy or a cup they make sure the other has one too. They hug and love on each other all the time. It melts my heart.

Reading a book together (they play so well together sometimes)-

And they can be soooo messy....


Lauren said...

Love this post! Love that pretty little girl with a flower in her hair and Mason throwing his head back to hug his sissy.

Mary Kay said...

They are SO sweet! Love all the hugging pictures!! We have something in common, I got a Iphone for my birthday too! LOVE IT!! Have fun. There are so many fun apps (free)! Love you!

kristin fulghum said...

man, they are so cute!

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