Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

It is one week from Christmas and I am so excited. I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. I love to decorate, bake, listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas movies, wrap presents, all of it!! I haven't gotten to decorate this year like I usually do since I have felt so bad and been so busy though. I also haven't ever ordered Christmas cards! I designed some and haven't gotten around to ordering them.

Here are a few pictures of the babies in some of their Christmas outfits.
Sawyer has started taking her bows out as soon as I put them in...silly girl!!

She also takes hats off as soon as you put them on!

Here are some of the Christmas traditions that I want to start. I would also love to hear about other ideas that other people do!

1.Our church offers an Advent calendar with activities to do with the kids to teach them about Christmas. I want to start this next year.

2. I am going to read Christmas books with them every night starting at Thanksgiving.

3. I am going to make cookies with the kids for Santa on Christmas Eve and leave them out for Santa. Then on Christmas morning they will get presents in their stockings from Santa at home. Then they will get to open the rest of their presents with everyone else.

4. What God Wants for Christmas

5. They will each get their own ornament each year. This year I got one for both of them, but next year I will let them each get one. Here is the ornament that I got this year as their first ornament.


kristin fulghum said...

i love all the pics...especially your christmas card. so cute. one of my fave traditions is that we used to always bake a birthday cake for jesus.

Kristen said...

LOVE everything Christmas! The babies are precious! :)
I did a post-a couple posts ago about our traditions.
I love all of yours. I mostly love the pea pod ornament!!! Where did you get that?? We need it!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Riley Kai said...

Hanna, they get cuter everytime you post! Don't worry about Sawyer and her bows, Riley went through the same phase and is back to dealing with them:) As far as Christmas traditions, one I am going to start next year is the elf on the shelf, they have a website that tells the story and tradition!( Hope you all have a great Christmas!