Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First Road Trip

The babies had their first road trip this past week. We went to Kingsville for a week to visit my parents. The church I grew up in threw a baby shower for us too. It was a fun week and fun to get to see everyone at home. I got to go shopping, get a pedicure and watch some fun movies. A trip that normally takes 7 hours took 12 hours though. We had to stop and eat quite a bit. It makes for a very long tiring day.

Oh look, my brother has hands!

The hostesses for the shower:
The sign at church!

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leslie said...

I'm so glad that your trip was a success! I was thinking about you this week!

I LOVE that lepord (sp?) print background for pictures. Do you have that at your house?!

Come over and hang out soon when you get settled back in!