Friday, July 20, 2007

Dr. Tadvick

Well I had my first big freak out moment today. I have been cramping all week and have been getting more and more worried about it. So today I called my doctor in Lubbock and they said I should in to see my OB for a check up since I was spotting some. So I went in to Dr. Tadvick's office today at 11:15, right before they close. But they let me right in to talk to him and when he asked me what was wrong I just started balling. Poor guy. I bet he has to deal with so many emotional pregnant women. I was just so worried though that I couldn't hold it in anymore. So he said that we would just do a sonogram and then I could have some blood work, etc. The sonogram looked great though. The babies are fine and are much bigger than last time. You could see their heart beats really well. So even though I don't feel very good physically, I feel MUCH better and am very glad that I went. Dr. Tadvick is such a great doctor though. He was so nice and understanding.

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